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Emil Toth is an author of inspirational, spiritual, dramatic novels and poetry. The past four decades, Emil has been actively creating and participating in spiritual support g roups, meditation and esoteric classes...

Emil Toth
Seven Souls on a Cross
Release from the Cross

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Forgiveness Series


Seven Souls on a Cross


Paul Sentes builds a cross, places it in his front yard, hangs on the cross and begins the most inspirational, spiritual, dramatic and physically challenging undertaking of his life. Prompting Paul to the astounding act is his unwillingness to let his emotions control his life. He soulfully cries out to God for help and receives a recurring mystical vision of him on a cross. Vowing silence, while on the cross, protects him from the torments of his neighbors, visitors and the media. Paul’s controversial act reverberates through his neighborhood, the church and ultimately the world. Thousands come to pray, to deposit crosses and articles on his lawn and ask for healing. Six souls, crippled by their emotions, become intimately involved with Paul, during his stay on the cross. They share their dreams, anxieties and fears with him. Day thirty, on the cross, Paul has an epiphany, changing his perspective, attitude and life. Five of the six souls also have transforming experiences. In his madness, the sixth suffering soul lashes out and stuns the world.


Release from the Cross


Paul Sentes is home from the hospital, recuperating from being shot three times, while he was on a cross in his front yard. He looks forward to a quiet existence but the Unholy Four have other ideas. Previously, they had burned his cross and now they have abducted Paul to perform a demonic ritual with deadly intent. Narrowly escaping with his life, Paul travels to Spain with Bronson to visit a monk, Brother Gregoria. While there, they participate in a march, protesting abortion, when a sniper opens fire on the crowd and a bullet cuts his visit short. Back in the states, Paul looks forward to visiting with people who had camped out on his lawn, only to be involved in rescuing a young girl from a voodoo cult, a physical confrontation with a Native American and a psychic battle with a shaman.



 The LOVE SERIES of books mirror the deep cultural and religious prejudices present in some present day countries that subject women to violent, inhumane and life-threatening treatment. Despite large-scale awareness spurred by social media and globalization, these biases and prejudices still exist in our midst—and Batu’s story shows us what they are and how strong, empowered women oppose and overcome them. Far from being preachy, Batu’s story is written subtly, bringing an awareness of this “invisible” oppressive world into our mindset preoccupied with consumerism and material want. The “Love” book series elicits our empathy, not sympathy, as we read tomorrow’s news about a mother, wife, or daughter subjected to cultural and religious oppression and brutality. Suddenly these women have faces: that of Batu’s and Kaathi’s. A prolific self-published author, Toth has no difficulty using literary tools to shape the characters, juxtapose conflicts and resolutions, and build up suspense to hook his readers. That the struggle of ostracized women who live in a primitive culture is told with philosophical depth by a retired computer programmer analyst from South Bend, IN, provides an interesting background story to the book series. Emil Toth, however, is no stranger to spiritual and dramatic stories, having authored seven books in the genre. Likewise, he has been actively involved in spiritual support groups, yoga, and writing workshops as a facilitator, participant and resource person.

Love Series


Love’s Transformation (Love Series #1)


Batu’s inspirational story dramatizes how tragic and explosive events transform her from being self-centered to self-empowered. Batu fearlessly speaks out against injustice in a male dominated society. Unwilling to subject herself to a barbaric ritual, she insults the High Priest and creates a persistent enemy throughout the story. Selfishly, she marries the Story Teller to continue her quest for knowledge. The marriage turns into a test of wills, until she is transformed by falling in love with her husband. The death of her husband and her baby causes Batu to lose worth, as defined by law, and the council decrees she is to be expelled from the village to face certain death. With the Healer’s help, she gains a deeper understanding of life as she faces tragedies, final expulsion and death courageously and heroically.


Love’s Sacrifice (Love Series #2)


Batu, the heroine, from the novel, Love’s Transformation, is saved from banishment from her village by Taja, the Healer. Together they continue to anger the High Priest, Romir, and his apprentice, Kiirt, who are the treacherous antagonists. Batu maintains her quest to acquire justice and equality for the women in her village, and incites the wrath of the High Priest. Taja introduces Kaathi to Batu and states that she exceeds him in her loving nature. Taja foresees Kaathi uniting two neighboring villages and their own through her spiritual philosophy. Taja has a premonition of a catastrophic event at the hands of Romir and Kiirt. In a surprising turn of events, two people sacrifice their lives so Kaathi can fulfill her destiny. Romir is enraged by Batu, has a heart attack and faces his own mortality and makes Kiirt vow to kill Batu and Kaathi.


Love’s Wisdom (Love Series #3)


Kaathi, the wise Healer, and Jacob, the Warrior, of the Kahali village, embark on a quest to track down a young man from her visions and bring him back to their village. Kaathi finds the young man in the village of Homar ruled by a tyrant king and discovers he is the king's son. Kaathi demonstrates to Jacob that courage is not reserved for men, by accusing the king of promoting slavery and grave injustices to women. The king explodes in rage and Kaathi is forced to fight for her life, where she dramatically and unequivocally proves to Jacob that love is stronger than the sword. The king's son agrees to accompany Kaathi and Jacob, as they flee for their lives. The enraged, vengeful king swears to destroy Kaathi, Jacob and their people. The king and his horde of soldiers arrive in Kahali intent on destroying the village and killing everyone, leaving Jacob to wonder how Kaathi will use her spirituality to substantiate that love can conquer everything.


Love’s Ancients (Love Series #4)


Kaathi, the healer and Jacob, the warrior, embark on a quest to find the Ancients that have been communicating with Kaathi since she was a child. They encroach on the territories of lions, crocodiles, baboons, a race of diminutive hairless people, a new colony of mutants, a couple of gigantic stature and people resembling Neanderthals; their encounters elicit danger, injury and death. Intrigued by how Kaathi’s love dissolves confrontations, and the depth of love inherent in someone so young, some from the new races seek sanctuary with her to embrace love and alter their lives. Their meeting with Ancient Mother provides them the opportunity to discover their hidden talents, while Ancient Father presents them with a glimpse into their future. For some the future holds tragedy, for others a sense of purpose. The adventure continually provides Kaathi with the opportunity to demonstrate the power of love.


Love’s Courage (Love Series #5)


Kaathi, the enlightened Healer, and Jacob, the Warrior, together with the Tall Ones, Evette and Gene, set out on another adventure to the village of Sumati to share her loving philosophy. They inform the Sumati women they are equal to the men and meet with anger and great resistance from the men. Kaathi spearheads a hunger strike with the women to convince Victor, the village leader, to establish a body of laws giving women equality, protection and justice. Ashlee escapes from a mutant village, where she has been a slave for 18 years only to be tracked down by her owner. Jacob saves an emaciated Ashlee by killing the mutant and discovers he is falling in love with her, in spite of her having been a slave. Sharika, a member of the Hun Nation, has noticed inbreeding affecting her people and has traveled many days to distant villages in search of a mate. Victor welcomes her into his village and is instantly enamored by her beauty and Amazonian, chiseled body.


Love’s Joy (Love Series #6)


Kaathi, the village Healer, lives in a young, developing society after an apocalypse. She seeks to establish the Relationship Sessions based upon the philosophy of equality, justice and love in distant villages. Angry men, in each village, rooted in traditional male domination are determined to make her life miserable and make the sessions fail. She engages the angered men using her loving nature and spiritual insights, hoping to eliminate their prejudices. Kaathi, Ashlee and Sharika journey to other villages. During the trip, a male companion is crushed by a python. Sharika places herself in danger in hopes of saving him. While visiting one of the villages, the presiding prince falls in love with Sharika and proposes, forcing her to decide whether to marry the prince and abandon the man she has fallen in love with.  Ashlee returns to her home village, where she was abducted as a child and made a slave. She is confronted by the men’s prejudices and rage. Two men traveling with her are brutally attacked and killed by a mob, placing Kaathi in the precarious position of peacekeeper to avert a war. Kaathi returns home and envisions an all-encompassing love transforming the world. She constructs a peace treaty and travels to all the known villages to have it ratified. Concern arises whether Ashlee’s people have made strides to eliminate injustice and inequality toward women. It remains to be seen if Kaathi’s love can transform the villages to value compassion, love and joy.


Love’s Beloved (Love Series #7)


Kaathi, the mystic healer, Jacob, the warrior, and friends confront danger and intrigue in distant villages. Kaathi refuses to pay homage to a tyrannical emperor and is imprisoned; it sparks hundreds of supporters to protest for her release. An unexpected solar eclipse startles the evil emperor forcing him to make a spectacular decision. In the holy village of Jeru Salem, Kaathi speaks with the leaders of the three world religions, enraging one of them so grievously he engages killers to silence her. Everywhere Kaathi goes, she encounters suppression of women and encourages them to demand equality, justice and freedom. She continues to share her inspirational message of love to established groups and others who will listen. An abused woman entombed for half a year by her jealous husband, escapes. She seeks help from family and friends and does not receive it. She roams the village in hope of finding the mystic, Kaathi, and sanctuary. A mother tells the new emperor a man abducted her six-year old daughter. The emperor discovers a band of men has been selling children into servitude, slavery and prostitution. The emperor asks for Kaathi’s help. She disrupts and outwits the traffickers using her intuition and hopes she can lead the emperor’s men to the child in time to save her.












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